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DESIGN. Tuesday Talk on setting the stage for conversation w/ Jeffer London
DESIGN. Tuesday Talk on setting the stage for conversation w/ Jeffer London

Tue, 31 Aug



DESIGN. Tuesday Talk on setting the stage for conversation w/ Jeffer London

We'll be previewing content from the beta-book "Stimulating Conversation: How to Get People Talking" while talking through some sticky points with you and invited guests in our ongoing experiment with #EngagementMakers.

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Time & Location

31 Aug 2021, 18:00 – 19:30



About the Event

TUESDAY TALKS are an Ongoing Experiment with Engagement Makers.

Whether you’re designing furniture, services or events, success will only be as strong as your grasp of the needs. This mastermind session brings a diverse bunch of designers together to talk about their secret for revealing the NEEDS. We'll be previewing content from Jeffer London's beta-book "Stimulating Conversation: How to Get People Talking" which looks at designing events. The session is set up as a Dialogue Experiment for #designers & #EngagementMakers to learn from each other.

Participants will get a mention in the book's credits, when it is complete, and some cool tools to downloads. 

Stimulating Conversation: How to Get People Talking, is a book being re-written to reflect how group dialogue has evolved in and after the epidemic. The book has 10 themes:

1. DESIRE.  How to turn intention into conversation?

2. SPACE. How to create the vessel of conversation?

3. QUESTIONS. How to use questions to stimulate conversation?

4. ENVISION. How to see possibility in conversation?

5. INVITATION. How to bring people into conversation?

6. FLEXIBILITY. How to stay open for any conversation?

7. DESIGN. How to set the path towards conversation?

8. HOSTING. How to be a catalyst for wider conversation?

9. MEANING. How to harvest the essence of a conversation?

10. SHARE. How to spread ideas beyond your conversation?

Into inclusion facilitation & participation?

So are we. We’re a bunch of engagement makers who get a kick out of the many ways to be a catalyst for groups. You could call us activists, mobilisers, team coaches or facilitative leaders. Whatever the label, when you give us a challenge – we get people to take it on.


We’re a big busy community, but we like to take time-out to reflect on the magic that we make. We don’t all show up for every Tuesday Talk, but when we do it’s an opportunity to hear fresh ideas, reflect on our practice, and talk through the many ways of building engagement.


These talks grew out of the Dialogue Experiments, which brought thousands of people together to investigate the way we talk with one another. We carry on this tradition, by offering our feedback to their research. This way, our conversations contribute to a bigger cause: improving dialogue worldwide.


We start with an opening ritual to check-in, then ask a QUESTION. With that starts the EXPERIMENT, it might be from a special guest, on a shared topic or about beta testing an engagement tool. We talk it through, and then we DEBRIEF. What helped? Hindered? Insights? Take aways? Finally, we SHARE the outcomes.


Stimulating conversation is easy. But it takes practice. This is one of our many Dialogue Experiments helping people examine their conversations, test out ways to converse, and share feedback to get better. Trying this out with Engagement Makers gives you the extra benefit of increasing your entrepreneurship and ripple effect. Looking forward to hearing your curiosity and your breakthroughs.

Jeffer London & the #engagementmakers 

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