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  • SHARE. Tuesday Talk on multiplying conversational wisdom
    21 Sep, 18:00 – 19:30
    We'll be previewing content from the beta-book "Stimulating Conversation: How to Get People Talking" while talking through some sticky points with you and invited guests in our ongoing experiment with #EngagementMakers.

Into inclusion
facilitation & participation?

So are we. We’re a bunch of engagement makers who get a kick out of the many ways to be a catalyst for groups. You could call us activists, mobilisers, team coaches or facilitative leaders.

Join us for a Tuesday Talk

We’re a big busy community, but we like to take time-out to reflect on the magic that we make. We don’t all show up for every Tuesday Talk, but when we do it’s an opportunity to hear fresh ideas, reflect on our practice, and talk through our engagement strategies.