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These are COLOR DEBRIEFING CARDS to use with your workshop participants, towards the end of your Dialogue Experiment. Package of four digital downloads.


The Dialogue Experiments

We brought thousands of groups together to experiment with dialogue. After each exercise, we asked participants what helped or hindered their discussion. After all of those conversations, we saw patterns emerging. We are now sharing the insights so others can apply them. We think conversations need to stay personal; we do not prescribe any generic formulas – we simply share the approaches that help, hinder or enhance our conversations. We invite you to do your own Dialogue Experiments, to learn from the experience, and join us in sharing the results.

Design Your Own Experiment

Have you noticed that better conversations lead to better results? Kinda obvious, right? But not so easy to do. Dialogue Experiments are the simplest way to practice and get better at the way we talk with one another. All you need is a question, some people, willingness, and the debrief cards. Here is the typical flow of a 1-2 hour session.


1. QUESTION. Find a question and invite a group to discuss it.
2. EXPERIMENT. Set the intention, ground rules and talk together.
3. DEBRIEF. Wrap up and reflect on the quality of conversation.
4. SHARE. Let the group summarize the feedback and share it.
The formula works best when you repeat a couple times the 2-3 weeks between sessions.

DEBRIEF Your Experiment

After each Dialogue Experiment, ask yourself and others three questions:
• What has HELPED us be in conversation?
• What HINDERED, diminished, or blocked our conversation?
• What INSIGHTS have we had about stimulating conversation?



Becides bettering the dialogue itself, you are probably interested in the content of the conversation! Thats why we are giving you this extra card to collect ideas on the outputs, results and implications. The TAKE AWAY card asks:
• What idea, concept of action do you want to remember form this conversation?


Package of four digital downloads:

  • set of 3 cards to self print
  • set of 4 cards to self print
  • set of 3 cards to have printed (with crop marks)
  • set of 4 cards to have printed (with crop marks)

All pages are formated for 2 cards from each page.

Debriefing Cards (color on white paper, print yourself)

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