Get our three favorite Family Conversation activities in a bundled digital download.



Roll the dice to start a coversation. Here are three dice: one on family history, another on its destiny, and a third about life today. Each cube has six questions - on the past, future or present. Designed to stir memories hopes and emerging sentiments. A fun way to involve everyone, and elicit dialogue with all of it's positive attibutes.



This activity helps you and your family talk through how things have been going recently. Based on agility, everyone gets the chance to fill in the propmt cards to create a retrospective on your recent days together. In this order, gather everyone’s inputs: 1) Positives, 2) Challenges, 3) Learning, 4) Gratitude. In four rounds over dinner, put all the cards on the table, and talk about them.



Invite your family into a sequence of conversations, spread over time. Perhaps four dinners in a row? Or four trips to the park? The kit gives you four sets of questions, moving from discovery of strenghtes, to aspirations and to making your dreams come true and imagining the familiy destiny. The questions to stimulate reflection, drawing and conversation - becoming the pages of a one-of-a-kind book.





Family Conversation Bundle (Conversation Dice; Retrospective Cards; Book Kit)




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