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Get your people talking  – in a way that they appreciate, establish for themselves,and keep improving on.

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Stimulating Conversation is easy

but it takes practice

The #DialogueExperiment will help you examine your own conversations, test out ways to converse, and get feedback to enhance your style. Our hope is for you to help other people to enter into conversation. Get ready to:


Engage with people

Have better ideas

Make progress


This project is led by people like you. Have a peek at what others are sharing and see if you would like to be a partner in building better conversations in your circle or around the world.


Have you noticed that better conversations lead to better results? Kinda obvious, right?  But not so easy to do. Dialogue Experiments are the simplest way to practice and get better at the way we talk with one another. All you have to do is:

1. QUESTION. Find a question and invite a group to discuss it.

2. EXPERIMENT. Set the intention, ground rules and talk together.

3. DEBRIEF. Reflect and give feedback on the quality of conversation.

4. SHARE. Let the group summarize the feedback and share it.

The formula works so well, we made a big book about the results.

We need to talk!

about our dialogue

Join us at the Facilitation Summit
15-16 October 2021

We'll be running our workshop on “Shifting Narrative Patterns In Your Group” at #facilitationsummit – one of the 80 sessions taking people around the world in 80 workshops. 

Jeffer London, founder of Stimulating Conversation


I'm ready to do a Dialogue Experiment!

Look! We just emailed you your book.

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