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Yes, No or Maybe?

Cue cards to help your group discuss and decide – 
Facilitate better group decisions with these cards and 8 techniques.

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YES, NO, or MAYBE - showing views online

"We often struggle to decide together"

These cards make it easier & more effective

Frustrated by your team? You are not alone! Most groups have trouble taking decisions. While some of us like to keep our options open, many are stressed by stagnant, vague, or endless issues. You can help your group by making decisions more clear. Sometimes it is as simple as saying YES or NO, but often the issues have remained open because they are complex or sticky or require dialogue – that’s when these cards can help.


Whether you are in a room, on screen, or on stage, it is hard to know what your audience is thinking. These cards make everyone’s opinion visible. Simply ask people to hold up a card to show their view. Based on the cards held up, you can move on or dive into an activities included in the set. The visual check-in helps you:
• Remove ambiguity
• Shape discussions
• Take decisions

Feedback on the
Yes, No or Maybe Cards

We were having trouble deciding together. The Yes, No or Maybe cards has made it easier, while deepening our strategic dialogue.

CHRO member of the leadership team of a major electronics company


Let's facilitate better decisions!

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